opinionThe following is a guest contributed post from Jacqueline Simard Ireton, a director of accounts at BLASTmedia.

Instagram now has over 400 million monthly active users. This year, the photo and video sharing app is projected to generate $1.5 billion in revenue, a 149 percent year-over-year jump. It’s growing, it certainly isn’t stopping and a consumer brand, you know you have to be onboard. Lacking the creative juices to get the Instagram content ideation flowing? Consider the following:

  • You down with UGC? Yeah, you know me. Send an all-call for your followers to share an image of your brand in use. Use applications like Repost and Regram to share their image to your feed, while giving a nod of credit in the image’s description. Inundated with photos? Consider adding the images to a collage.
  • Embrace the textual healing.Leverage positive customer feedback with a text overlay of the kind word or compliment to a pre-existing image. It’s Instagram content made easy without having to reinvent the content wheel or spend beaucoup bucks on creative assets.
  • Repurpose video content. Splice pre-existing videos into shorter, more digestible content for Instagram. Still feeling a little stuffy? Highlight outtakes or bloopers to drive full video views on YouTube or drive to a careers page to showcase your company culture.
  • Leverage influencers. Don’t be intimidated by the concept of influencers. Seed your product to an Instagram influencer for content to repost to your channel. While some influencers require payment, there are niche, yet influential personalities who will trade an image or two for product or giveaway units.
  • Reveal the story. Worried the assets you have on hand will be unclear to the viewer? Instagram is visual, yes, but it is even more so a story-telling platform. Don’t be afraid to tell the story your image cannot, adding details in your caption that will further paint the picture for your audience.

Brand-spanking-new daily content and a dedicated budget line-item shouldn’t be reasons to not be on Instagram. Take a step beyond the lens to unlock your Instagram content potential.

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